STERELA Defense & Security

STERELA is a French engineering company specialized in equipment for instuction and shooting training.
Agile and flexible, our products adapt to all situations and circumstances (free ground, shooting ranges, open fields, combat village ...). The complete range of target carriers operates independently or on mains.

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Fixed and mobile target holders for operational shooting training

STERELA is a company specialised in developing equipment for shooting training (live-fire , airsoft, laser) in urban areas, evaluation courses, stands and shooting fields.

We have been supplying advanced equipment since 1989 for:


Fixed targetry.


Fixed and mobile targeting.


Fixed targeting, mobile targeting, scenarios animation, airsoft.

Sterela Defense & Security
The French specialist in equipment for shooting
and operational preparation under conditions close to reality.

Shooting solutions

From 0 to 5000 m and from airsoft to missiles.


Scenarios as close as possible to operational conditions with interactive targets.


To the use and maintenance in France and abroad.


Logistics and supportability in operating condition, on-condition maintenance.

We propose
A scalable offer
STERELA’s shooting-practice equipment is designed to perfect individual gestures and techniques while placing shooters in realistic operational situations.
Our target holders can be used in automatic mode (without remote control when switched on), with remote controls or based on pre-scripted scenarios.
STERELA has always been careful to take on board the feedback provided by professionals involved in field operations and constantly updates its product ranges to meet soldiers’ evolving needs in terms of training and operational firing practice in every type of environment:
  • shooting ranges
  • open spaces
  • confined spaces
  • urban areas...


  • Use in stand
  • _
  • _
  • _
  • Mains power supply
  • _
  • Smartphone app driven
  • Impact counting and adjustable sensitivity
  • _
  • X-hit function
  • Appearances: hostile / eclipsed / non-hostile
  • _
  • Swivel movement
  • _
  • _
  • _


  • Use in stand
  • Use in shooting range / urban
  • IP66 protection
  • Built-in battery
  • Mains power supply
  • Range up to 600m
  • Smartphone app driven
  • Impact counting and adjustable sensitivity
  • Scenario ready
  • X-hit function
  • Appearances: hostile / eclipsed / non-hostile
  • MOV100 compatible
  • Swivel movement
  • Movements: Pop-up / Scissor / Tilt
  • Motion detector / infrared
  • Thermal modules / lamp / sound / pyrotechnics
Sterela Defense & Security
Security targetry range
The control of the targets can be carried out by means of remote controls (simple, robust and transportable) or smart-phones (equipped with android).

Our targeting equipment offers a great flexibility of use and configuration, being able to adapt to all the requirements of shooting training.
Our remote controls are not just a device that allows an operator to control the movement of a target holder. They also make it possible to visualize and record useful feedback to appreciate and analyze the shooter's performance.
A remote control can support multiple target carriers and different models.
The use of the target holders can be done in a fully automated way, radio-controlled or scripted manner (scenarios).

Portable radio controls

Smart-phone / tablet
(Android APP)

Fixed control unit
(control room)

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Our equipment suits the needs of operational fire training

Specialist in electronic engineering and mechatronics since 1989, at STERELA we put all our technological know-how at the service of our customers. As a result, we continue to improve our products to meet the operational requirements of shooting training and instruction.
Our products are deployed on the training sites of the French Ministry of Defence. We provide our customer with constant support accordingly to their needs of evolution, and even to transform the entire operational preparation process.

    Police   Gendarmerie   Special forces   Technical shooting   Shooting in confined spaces   Shooting in urban areas   Tactical shooting   Combat shooting   Precision shooting   Collective shooting   Long-range shooting

A comprehensive offer

STERELA offers a range of services to help you implement your projects in the best technical and economic conditions.

Consulting and project management

We provide support from the definition to the finalisation of your projects.


The installation of the equipment is a decisive phase for guaranteeing the best use conditions.


Guarantees the performance of the product before it is made available for operations.

In-service maintenance

We provide in-service maintenance solutions in line with your budget and availability requirements.


Several levels in equipment use and maintenance.


To the standards of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.
• User guide.
• Maintenance manual...

Obsolescence management

Absolute management of the equipment's lifespan.


Verification of operation and use.

Operational training preparation

STERELA has a special area devoted to demonstrations and training.
Here, you will be able to appreciate the performance of our equipment by handling it directly and through other practical situations.

Sterela Defense & Security
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