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STERELA is a French company specialised in developing equipment for weapons training and firing-range practice.
Our agile, versatile products can be adapted to every type of situation and circumstance (open terrain, shooting stands, field ranges, combat villages, etc.). Our entire range of target holders can be operated using autonomous battery power or connected to the mains power supply.

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Fixed and movable target holders for shooting practice.

Our products can be used for shots with every calibre, from the plastic balls used in "AIRSOFT" to anti-tank missiles.
Our target holders can be equipped with "infantry" and/or "anti-tank" 2D and 3D targets.
Shooting ranges can be custom-managed on demand or use pre-established, pre-recorded scenarios. A single remote control can control several dozen target holders.


The equipment can operate autonomously (battery) or using the mains power supply. Due to their versatility, several pieces of equipment can be combined to provide various use cases.


The equipment can be installed permanently or temporarily. Lightweight and autonomous, our products can be used for every type of situation.


The target equipment can be left in place permanently and operate using a mains power supply or battery. All types of training and configuration are possible (light weapons, anti-tank weapons).


The autonomous and lightweight target equipment allows urban infrastructures to be used.

STERELA Defense and Security
The French specialist in equipment for shooting practice
and operational preparation in conditions designed to reflect reality as closely as possible

Shooting training solutions

From 0 to 5000 m, from Airsoft to missiles.

Scenario design

Scenarios reflecting operational conditions as closely as possible with interactive targets.


In use and maintenance in France and abroad.

In-service maintenance

In-service maintenance.

We propose
A wide range of products
adapted to the different needs and circumstances for:
  • Using light and heavy weapons
  • Shooting at fixed targets
  • Shooting at dynamic targets
  • Shooting at moving targets
PCI100 / MOV100 / PCI200M / PCI300 / PCI600 / CMI300NG / CMR300
INFANTRY targetry

STERELA is acknowledged around the world for the quality of its firing-practice equipment and particularly for its wide variety of firing-range solutions (fixed and mobile, heavy and light weapons).
Our products are agile, flexible, versatile and compatible with all the educational and infrastructure requirements for training and shooting practice.
Our ability to integrate moving targets and develop training scenarios means we recreate conditions that are as close to reality as possible. In addition to using their weapons, the trainees call on the reflexes they will need in real combat conditions.

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PCA400 / SMAC500
ANTI-TANK targetry

Anti-tank firing practice uses two types of conditions: shooting at fixed and moving targets. These conditions are factored into our range of products, which allow you to use live ammunition or training ammunition (light weapons, cannon fire, missiles, etc.).
Particularly adapted to extreme conditions of use, our products have been designed to remain in the field, due to their autonomy and robustness.

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The targets are controlled using simple, robust, transportable remote controls.

Our target equipment provides a great degree of flexibility in terms of use and configuration and can therefore be adapted to meet every requirement. 
Our remote-control units are not just simple devices that enable operators to control the movement of the target holder. They also allow them to display and record feedback to assess and analyse the shooter's performance. 
A remote-control unit can manage several target holders and different models. 
The target holders can be used in full-automatic mode, remote controlled, or according to specific scenarios.

Portable remote-control units

(Android application)

Fixed control unit
(control room)

The remote-control units control, implement and manage scenarios, while retrieving technical data about the shooting sesions.

Portable remote-control units


  • Range: 600 m
  • Weight: <1 kg
  • Dimensions: 50x187x106 mm
  • Protection: IP65
  • Autonomy: 5 days
  • Screen: 2,6"

Remote control for PCI100, PCI600 and MOV100. Management of 20 target holders per module and one MOV100 mobile truck.


  • Range: 2000 m
  • Weight: <4 kg
  • Dimensions: 40x280x210 mm
  • Protection: IP65
  • Autonomy: hot swappable
  • Screen: 10" touch-screen

The SRC remote control allows you to simultaneously manage and coordinate 500 target holders, roll out scenarios and consult the training results.

Example of nomadic installation for indoor shooting exercise

Indoor use



Equipment suited to operational firing-practice needs

As specialist in electronic and mechatronic engineering since 1989, STERELA provides its customers with comprehensive technological expertise. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are always capable of upgrading or modifying our products to meet the operational requirements of training and shooting practice. 
Our products are deployed on the training sites of the French Ministry of Defence. We provide our customer with constant support for their new upgrades, and even to transform the entire operational preparation process.

    Foot soldiers   Commandos   Special Forces   Multi-weapon specialists   Army   Navy   Air-force   Technical shooting   Tactical shooting   Combat shooting   Precision shooting   Collective shooting exercises   Long-range shooting   Mountain shooting   Shooting in confined spaces   Shooting in urban areas

A comprehensive offer

STERELA provides a range of services to allow you to implement your projects under the best conditions, in terms of technology and budget.

Consulting and project management

We provide support from the definition to the finalisation of your projects.


The installation of the equipment is a decisive phase for guaranteeing the best use conditions.


Guarantees the performance of the product before it is made available for operations.

In-service maintenance

We provide in-service maintenance solutions in line with your budget and availability requirements.


In equipment use 
(several levels).
In maintenance 
(several levels).


To the standards of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.
• User guide.
• Maintenance manual...

Obsolescence management

Absolute management of the equipment's lifespan.


Verification of operation and use.

Operational training preparation

STERELA has a special area devoted to demonstrations and training. 
Here, you will be able to appreciate the performance of our equipment by handling it directly and through other practical situations.

Expert Target-equipment Centre

More than just training

"A demonstration is worth more than a million words" (Charles WILLEFORD),
so, based on this principle, we have created a specific area devoted to demonstrating and using our products in real-life situations. This area is made available to our trainees during the training sessions organised on our premises. It is a useful tool for checking the coherence and roll-out of the scenarios created in the classroom, and can be used during maintenance training to ensure a piece of equipment is working correctly after repair.

Our trainers are field technicians. They are in permanent contact with our customers on maintenance contracts. Inside the company, they receive technical support from our "product" manager and the design office.

Trainings Catalogue

  • Advice on use
  • Installation advice
  • Assistance in creating scenarios
  • Technical support
  • Optimisation of product use
  • Special cases
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